Finalists 2021


  • Finalists ticket offer – Wed 5th May – Fri 28th May 2021
  • Finalists announced – 6th May 2021
  • Names of Presenters Due – May 10th at 2pm
  • Finalists Presentations and Images Due – Friday 14th May 2021 
  • 2 Day Live Judging streamed event  – Wed 19th & Thur 20th May 2021
  • Awards Night – Thursday 24th June 2021 



Additional tickets will be available for purchase on Wed 5th May –


You are now invited to participate in the second phase of the awards programme, which consists of a face-to-face presentation to the judging panel. Please see below instructions on how to format your presentation and what to bring. In brief, this is your chance to really impress the judges. Please email Doni at your presentation by May 14th at 2pm.

*Please note that to be a finalist you must be present at the Live judging event to present your submission



AGM Office –Level 2, 409 New North Road, Kingsland
Parking: Regarding parking, there is limited availability on site, however, there is parking available on the surrounding streets (Bond Street is probably the best). We are also right by the Kingsland train station.

Live presentation instructions for finalists 

1.  Your presentation can be attended by up to three key people involved in the entry. Please email Doni at the names of the presenter(s) by May 10th at 2pm.

2.  Each entrant has been allocated a 15-minute slot. Please ensure that your presentation to the awards jury does not exceed 10 minutes, so as to allow for a minimum 5-minute Q&A with the judges which will follow your presentation.

3.  The presentations offer finalists an opportunity to explain their entries in more depth and elaborate on them; including information on time frames and budgets, as well as areas of creativity and innovation. Entrants can also present further images, floor plans, renders, videos, boards, or models.

4.  The entire presentation including your Q&A will be live-streamed on ArchitectureNow.


➢    What format should I use for my presentation?
Please supply your presentation in Powerpoint format to by Friday, May 14th at 2pm.

➢    What AV/media will be available for the presentation?
A digital screen with appropriate A/V will be available. Your presentation will be pre-loaded in advance on a Mac and ready ahead of your scheduled presentation time. We will provide a clicker to change slides.

➢    Will judges visit finalists’ project sites?
No, the judges will not visit project sites. Winners will be selected based on face-to-face presentations by finalists.
➢    Where do I park when I arrive?
There is off-street parking on both Bond Street and New North Road. Please be aware that it might be difficult from time to time to find somewhere to park. We are a 3 min walk from the Kingsland train station.

➢    When will I find out if I have won an award?
Winners will be announced at the Awards and Networking Evening on Thursday 24th June. Winners will not be notified in advance of this date. 


We will require all Finalists to provide 10 High Res images of your project by Friday, May 14th at 2pm. For Emerging Design Professionals, we will also require a photo of yourself.

Content required for general finalists:
• Design Practice
• Project Name
• Project Location
• Practice Location
• Practice Website
• Design Team (6 Max)
• Client Name & Website
• Photography credit

Plus 10 x High res images

Content required for Emerging Design Professional:
• Finalist Name
• Current Design Practice
• Project Involvement
• Current Design Practice Location
• Current Design Practice Website
• Photography Credit
Plus 10 x High res images and a portrait image of yourself.

Please send the above information via email to Doni at


NZ Auction House

Thursday 24th June 2021, 6:30pm

Webb’s Gallery
33a Normanby Rd
Mt Eden
Auckland 1024